Straits Times 4th September 2012   Headline . . .

PSLE-English-Paper-Better-Fairer“The new PSLE format will test the pupils’ command of the language.

“Paper 1 is a test of’ writing skills.

“Paper 4 is a test on oral communication.

Strong focus will be on writing and speaking effectively in English.
The new syllabus’ emphasis is on communication skills.
Pupils also need to be more creative in their writing.

Outside school, do they have the opportunities to use English effectively?
Do you know how to help your children express confidently and competently?
Will your children have the competitive edge in the years to come?

Storytelling and role plays can be used to improve speaking and writing skills.

“The ability to speak correctly, clearly, creatively and confidently is critical and crucial.” ~ Richard Sng, vocal & verbal image consultant/trainer, language lecturer & coach, author of a book on words

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