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        Splendid News! My Wriggle-Wrestle–Wrangle-with-Words Book is now available in ebook at BIG THREE eBook retailers. Apple  Barnes & Noble  Kobo  Click on the publisher icon below for more details

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  • Credibility & Authority of speakers

    Do we ever consider the image and impression we portray when presenting in front of an audience? A final-year law student was introduced by the Master of Ceremonies, together with his role, at an evening event. He was to evaluate the use of the English language by everyone who spoke. “Hi, my name is … Continue Reading

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    Tutors gear up for PSLE English changes with highlight

    Straits Times 10th September 2012   Headline . . . Parents can help their children “analyse situations as well as improve their spoken and written English”. . . .the cornerstones of the new upper primary English syllabus What is now critical and crucial is to “change the way English is taught to upper primary pupils Continue Reading

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“Your delivery was very enlightening and stimulating that everyone felt your passion in the correct use of the English language.  Thank you for the valuable experience.”

~Linda Yap Cisco Systems Singapore

“Richard speaks with eloquence and elegance." When I said that you speak elegantly, I meant to say that you speak with a touch of class.  Hence it is more than just being eloquent.  . . .”

~the late Kam Choo Choo ex-Teacher