To present is to give a speech offering an idea, a plan, a way, a strategy, to be considered or accepted by the audience.  Our presentation has to offer value so that the audience will listen and learn from us, to make their time worthwhile.

How do we achieve this?  It is to present with poise and purpose.


To have poise is to possess a calm and confident way of behaviour, combined with an ability to control our feelings and reactions in difficult situations; a graceful way of moving or standing, so that our body seems balanced and not awkward.

This is where our body language and stage presence add impact to how we present.  Do we display any distracting habits and disturbing mannerisms? The audience will be observing our every movement on stage.

We need to be presentable, tidy and neat enough, appearing before an audience.  Once we take care of our dressing and grooming, we can focus on our presentation.

Speaking correctly, clearly and confidently gives us more credibility and authority.  Incorporating purposeful pauses is a hallmark of a poised speaker and shows that we are in control and command of the stage.


What do we wish our audience to bring home?  What is the take-away message?  What is the purpose?  Identify the general purpose of our presentation.  Is it one of persuasion, information, entertainment, humour, instruction, motivation or inspiration?  Identify the specific purpose of our presentation.  Is it to take an immediate action to improve our well-being, our life?  State it clearly.  Emphasise and stress the message we wish to drive home and to drum into the minds of the audience?

It is critical and crucial to plan, prepare and practise before a presentation.  Then, our presentation will indeed be one of poise and purpose.