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Tutors gear up for PSLE English changes with highlight

Parents can help their children “analyse situations as well as improve their spoken and written English”. . . .the cornerstones of the new upper primary English syllabus

What is now critical and crucial is to “change the way English is taught to upper primary pupils in a bid to make them speak the language more confidently and know how to use it beyond the classroom”

The new syllabus focuses on speaking and writing well (correctly, clearly, creatively). Proper grammar and spelling are critical

Pupils will need to raise their command of English and that will have to start at home.

Parents, are you in a position to help your children improve their command and competence in the language, and also to be more creative and expressive?

Oral communication involves pronunciation, intonation, enunciation, diction and articulation. Pacing, pausing, pitch, tonality, intensity, audibility, clarity, and speaking rate are essential aspects in communication skills.

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