Present with Poise & Purpose

Do we make ourselves understood when we speak? Do we put across our message clearly and coherently? Do we know the importance of listening attentively, intently and actively? What are the delivery skills we need to possess? Do we express ourselves clearly and correctly?

How do we communicate?

HowHow do we communicate?

We communicate visually, vocally and verbally. The percentage and weightage vary on the personality, character and style of the individual. Extroverts are more visual in the way they speak and present. Others are strong vocally, evoking intensity and tonality when they convey their message and ideas.

Business Presentation

Business Presentation When asked to say a few words at staff and company meetings, or when appointed by the management to deliver a presentation to the staff, management, clients, prospects or suppliers?

Improve your communication skills

Primarily, we are speakers and communicators, not performers. We need to be less dramatic and theatric when we speak before any group. The audience will find it distracting and disturbing with our overuse and abuse of body language.

Importance of Public Speaking

“The ability to communicate correctly, clearly and confidently is critical and crucial.” ~ Richard Sng