Present with Poise & Purpose

  • Do we make ourselves understood when we speak?
  • Do we put across our message clearly and coherently?
  • Do we know the importance of listening attentively, intently and actively?
  • Do we lack the confidence & steadfastness when communicating with others?
  • Do we lack the communication tools, and need to be armed and equipped with these?
  • Do we find any difficulty putting across our thoughts and ideas to others: our colleagues, subordinates, superiors and management?
  • What are the delivery skills we need to possess?
  • Are we able to present systematically and sequentially?
  • Can fear and nervousness be minimized and managed?
  • Do we have fear when asked to present to an audience?
  • Do we feel nervous, the shivers and jitters, during a presentation?
  • How do we handle the Q & A that follows our presentation?
  • What kind of words do we choose and use?
  • Do we express ourselves clearly and correctly?
  • Is the language we use simple and easily understood?
  • What is our competence and command of the language?


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