Do we have a grasp and grip of the English language, to grab the attention of the reader and the audience?

Do we fumble for words, stumble over words, struggle for the right words, or worse, mumble our words, for fear of being ridiculed, criticised or laughed at?

Do we use boring and bland words, lacking variety, vitality and vibrancy?  Worse, we use words that are overused and overworked.

Do we portray credibility (and authority) when we deliver a speech or make a presentation, or when asked just to say a few words?

Are our sentences flawed and fractured, riddled with glaring grammatical mistakes, redundancies, jargons, clichés, misuse, overuse and abuse of words?

Can we capture and captivate the attention of the audience?

Do we make ourselves pleasant to listen to?

Unlock, unlatch and unleash the hidden potential in the language creativity in us.

We can build a vibrant, vivacious and voracious vocabulary.

Speak and write with and confidence and competence.

Read extensively and expansively.

Use words and language with colour, flavour and glamour to make our speeches and presentations more enriching, enlivening and enlightening.

Let’s discover and appreciate the beauty, gems and richness of words and the English language.

The thousands of students and adults possessing this much-awaited book will benefit tremendously and immensely. They will treasure and cherish the beauty and the best of the English language.

“The ability to communicate correctly, clearly and confidently is critical and crucial.” 

~  Richard Sng


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