What is an ‘Effective’ Presentation?

It is one that offers value and produces results, making the audience worth their while spending their time with the speakers, listening and learning from them.

Effective presentation encompasses the three criteria of communication: visual, vocal and verbal.

Visual Communication

The speakers need to be aware and conscious of their dressing and grooming.  What we do not say is just as important.  Audiences start to form an image and impression of us. Our body language has to be in congruence with what we say and how we use our words.  This adds to the impact and effectiveness of our presentation.  Be natural and learn to relax.  We are speakers, not performers, unlike actors and actresses.

Vocal Communication

Our voice is a very powerful tool that we are blessed with.  How we say what we say, as in the volume, pitch, pace, pause, rate, tone and power, can bore our audience or interest them into listening to us.  How we pronounce and enunciate our words give us the credibility as a speaker.  Clarity (clear enough to be understood), intensity (expressive enough to be enjoyed) and audibility (loud enough to be heard) are critical qualities of an effective presenter.  A presenter has to come across as energetic, enthusiastic and emphatic in the manner he sounds.  Worse, he would portray himself as a boring and bland presenter if his voice is lifeless, listless and lethargic.


Verbal Communication

An effective presenter uses simple words and language so that he will be understood, and not misunderstood or misconstrued.  His message and ideas will not be lost through the use of bombastic, pompous and verbose words.  One difference between oral and written communication is the usage of words.  Overused and overworked words ought to be avoided.  Presenters can use words with colour, flavour and glamour to make his presentations more enriching, enlivening and enlightening.  Presentations will definitely be more pleasant to the ear, to captivate and capture the attention of our audience.

Speaking correctly is just as important as speaking clearly.  Pay attention to the grammatical aspect of our presentation.  Words should not be brutalised nor cannibalised.  Our credibility, integrity and authority as an effective presenter will affect our image.

The 3Ps to Effective Presentation

The presenter needs to plan, prepare and practise before a presentation, to be effective.

Only then can we ensure that our presentation will run smoothly and effectively.

Structure, Organisation, Outline

Presentations need to have a logical flow and be easy to follow.  Hence, we need to plan the outline.  Our ideas have to be organised and prepared for easy understanding.  Structure our presentation systematically and sequentially.  Starting with impact will captivate and capture the attention of our listeners.  Conclude powerfully and memorably.

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