Oral communication encompasses listening, thinking and speaking, vital skills towards self-improvement, self-development and self-actualisation.

Listening Skill

Listening attentively, intently and actively is a skill which can be acquired, through constant practice.  Through listening we learn to analyse, reflect and evaluate what we have heard.  With sharp listening skill we can get our message across to others effectively.

 Thinking Skill

To think critically and clearly is an essential aspect in communication.  Through analysing, reflecting and evaluating, we sharpen our thinking skill.  Only then can we speak logically, sensibly and effectively.

 Speaking Skill

We can certainly make a difference in the way we speak.  Others judge us not only by what we say, but also how we say it.  Our choice and use of words and language reflect many things about us.  Our credibility and authority on the topic or subject we speak on will be judged and scrutinised.  The audience will form an impression by our speaking style and the manner we project ourselves.

It is only through constantly speaking before audiences that we get to be more poised, polished and proficient as a speaker or presenter.  We must grab every opportunity to speak.  A Toastmasters club provides us the platform and abundance of opportunities to practise speaking before different audiences.

“The ability to communicate correctly, clearly and confidently is critical and crucial.”

~  Richard Sng.

 Adjust, Adapt, Adopt

Communication is a two-way process.  It is about receiving and giving.  It is to give and take, to better ourselves and to improve, to receive and give feedback.  We need to be open to constructive and honest criticisms.  Through feedback, we adjust certain aspects of our speaking style.  We learn to adapt the suggestions offered, to suit our character and temperament.  Then we adopt what suits us to be a better speaker and presenter.

Speaking with Confidence and Competence

To improve any communication is to be able to respond logically and clearly.  The ability to think on our feet, organise our thoughts and ideas, and to present them sensibly, is a skill that requires constant practice.

We can speak with confidence and competence through consistently taking to the stage.

 “We can be misunderstood through miscommunication, and miscommunication can cause misunderstanding.”  ~  Richard Sng

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